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Billing and subscriptions

We operate a number of different billing methods due to devices, apps and countries. Here are all the methods we use.

CCBill Credit Card
To cancel a subscription made via CCBill you complete a short form on their site. Visit and enter 2 out of 3 pieces of required information. They include your subscription id (which is sent within transaction emails), your card number and email address.

Securion Pay Credit Card
This is a credit card payment system and you can cancel within our dating site. Login to the dating site and select the SETTINGS menu, then SUBSCRIPTION. You can then press the cancel button to stop any further payments.

Cancelling your subscription with PayPal is managed through your own PayPal account. Login to PayPal, find a payment to our service and view the subscription details. You can then cancel the subscription.

Apple App Store
To cancel a recurring subscription payment made through Apple using the settings menu on your device. You can cancel or change your subscription package.

Remaining term
When you cancel a subscription your VIP access will remain until the end of its original term. For example, if you purchased a 3 month recurring upgrade and cancelled after 2 months you would still have full access for another 1 month.

Delete account protection
If you have an active subscription we block account removals, this is to ensure members don’t erase an account and then have no access to cancel a subscription. When the subscription naturally expires or ends the delete function will be enabled. If you wish to remove your account whilst there is still an active subscription please contact support for assistance.

Any questions
If you have any problems and need assistance with billing and subscriptions please contact support.